MSBA Board Officers

Alberto Laureano

MSBA Chairman   Chief Executive Officer Barri Financial Group LLC

Alberto Laureano is the Chief Executive Officer of Barri Financial Group LLC. During his tenure at Barri, Alberto and his team have developed an entire suite of MSB services beyond remittances that encompasses check cashing, bill payment, money orders, currency exchange, and a few other non-MBS services directed at the same underbanked consumer with focus in the Hispanic demographic Barri partners with numerous other MSB players to create a synergistic and highly cooperative environment.

Alberto holds a BA in Business Administration from Universidad Panamericana and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is also CAMS certified anti-money laundering specialist.

John Ricci

MSBA Treasurer   General Counsel Green Dot Corporation

John Ricci  has served as Green Dot Corporation’s General Counsel since June 2004 and its Secretary since April 2003. From April 2003 to June 2004, he served as Green Dot’s Director of Legal Affairs. Prior to joining Green Dot, Mr. Ricci was an associate at the law firm of Strategic Law Partners, LLP from November 1999 to June 2002.

Mr. Ricci began his career as an attorney in the Enforcement Division of the SEC. Mr. Ricci holds a B.A. in economics and political science from the University of California at San Diego and a J.D. from Loyola Law School.

Kathy Tomasofsky

MSBA Assistant Treasurer, Director

MSBA Kathy Tomasofsky is an experienced management and operations professional with more than 20 years of experience in Insurance and Financial Services.  Ms. Tomasofsky is a partner with Two Sparrows Consulting. Most recently,  Ms. Tomasofsky served as the Senior Director of Operations for the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA).  In this role, Ms. Tomasofsky provided management of the Association operations including event and marketing planning, financial review, business development, and member communications. Ms. Tomasofsky managed the Prepaid Financial Crimes Task Force (FCTF) and was the fraud liaison to regulator and law enforcement agencies, as well as an Advisory Board Member of IAFCI.

  • MSBA Guiding Principles
    Members must meet or exceed:

    Regulatory and Anti- Money Laundering Compliance
    1- Engaged in licensed activities (as required by regulations)
    • a. Obtain and Maintain State Licenses in Good Standing
    • b. Operate in compliance with all applicable state guidelines

    2- Full Compliance with Federal and State Law regulations
    • a. Legal and Regulatory compliance
      • i. USA Patriot Act
      • ii. Bank Secrecy Act
      • iii. Title 31
      • iv. FinCEN
      • v. CFPB
      • vi. State Regulations in the states where they are licensed

    3- Robust Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Program
    • a. Implement programs to guard against illicit activity and exploitation of services by criminals
    • b. Monitor, detect, and report any suspicious activities found
    • c. Communicate and collaborate with law enforcement information which can prevent illicit activities

    Fair Business Practices
    Members should:
    • a. Be customer Centric, truthful in advertising disclosing all service terms and condition
    • b. Not be disparaging to other members or competitors
    • c. Collaborate with other members by sharing information on mutual customers, agents or partners found to be in violation of State or Federal Regulations
    • (consistent with 314(b)).
    • d. Fully cooperate with law enforcement and actively report any suspicious activities or transaction patterns detected within their industry

    Business Leadership and Education
    In order for the Association to be effective, its members must take a leading role in the industry.
    Stay abreast of changing technology, educate and collaborate with Regulators on how to monitor its activities.


MSBA Board of Directors

Name: Aurora Garza Hagan
Title: President & CEO
Company: Bancomer Transfer Services

Name: Laybaa Hernandez
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Company: DolEx Dollar Express Inc.

Name: Nicole Ibbotson
Title: General Counsel
Company: InComm Financial Services, Inc.

Name: Alberto Laureano
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Barri Financial Group

Name: Marcelo Licht, EVP
Title: Executive Vice President - Americas Company
Company: Transfer-To

Name: José Carlos da Silva Pereira
Title: Manager and Director of IT
Company: RealTransfer

Name: Suresh Ramamurthi
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Yantra Services Inc.  

Name: John Ricci
Title: General Counsel
Company: Green Dot Corporation  

Name: Joana Rodrigues Mascarenhas Santos
Title: Manager
Company: Novacâmbios France