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MSB's Must Keep an Eye on NY  504

MSB’s Must Keep an Eye on NY 504

As technology continues to dazzle consumers with its innovative flair, financial regulatory objectives have remained consistent: create regulations that both protect consumer data and prevent criminals from funding their illegal activities.

The truth of the matter, however, is that modern criminals possess a deep-seeded knowledge of current regulations, and thus are constantly inventing means to bypass the current standard.

MSBA Member CSI highlights the regulation  rules and what it means for MSB's. 

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CSI provides insights for MSB's on how to fend off ransomware attacks with greater effectiveness. The new ransomware is more sophisticated. Safeguarding your organization and your data is a critical part of doing business these days.

Read about the proven methods tailored to MSB's to assist your organization in its fight against cyberattacks.

CSI is a proud member of the MSBA.

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MSBA submits comment letter to the CFPB on the Remittance Rule

MSBA submits comment letter to the CFPB on the Remittance Rule

The MSBA submitted a comment letter to the CFPB to explain that  the obligations imposed on RTP’s through the Remittance Rule are in many ways redundant to rules already in place at the state level. Additionally, any consumer protection benefits they do afford are outweighed by the burdens imposed upon RTPs which are already sufficiently regulated by other federal agencies and the individual states. We therefore provide several recommendations for modifications to the Remittance Rule which will greatly reduce the burden and costs imposed on RTPs without sacrificing the Rule’s intended purpose of protecting consumers in the United States.

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