Alliances with International Payment Associations

ABRACAM, Associação Brasileira de Corretoras de Cambio (Brazilian Association of Foreign Exchange Brokers) is an association founded with the purpose of unifying the Foreign Exchange Brokers in the country, to gather their forces and expand their participation in the market as well as having a voice in front of the regulators, financial institutions, government agencies, etc.

ABRACAM’s site has market news in real time and provides information about the seminars, courses, projects, etc. that the association is developing; ABRACAM promotes and informs the public about the activities of the members and the importance of brokers in the Foreign Exchange Market. Besides the Association is conducting studies and developing projects to bring greater efficiency to the market (seal of approval, applications, etc.)

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The SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF ENTITIES OF PAYMENT (ANAED) is a business association founded in 1997 under the name of Spanish Association of Agencies Money Transfer and including payment institutions both Spanish and other countries of the European Union providing in Spain payment services.

All payment associated entities are mainly dedicated to the service of sending money in its segment of remittances from immigrants, although some of them also provide other payment services.

They are basic ANAED late addition to the representation and defense of the common interests of the member companies, removing obstacles that prevent or hinder payment institutions to carry out their activity. In particular as regards the sending of money, ensuring that payment institutions can to get the savings of immigrants to their hometowns and to meet the needs of their families, providing service to those demands quickly , cheap, safe, and controlled by the monetary authorities. In this regard, the Association also seeks recognition by the public authorities, the media and general public of the social and humanitarian work carried out by the authorized payment institutions that provide this service payment.

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