NMTA Members and Visitors: Welcome to the MSBA

Welcome to the Money Services Business Association, Inc. (MSBA). The MSBA is a trade association focused on giving a voice to the non-bank money services industry, encouraging continued innovation and development in the payments industry, and promoting education and communication with Federal and State Regulators.

As of September 5, 2018, the MSBA has integrated into its operation the services and capabilities of the National Money Transmitters Association (NMTA). With the consolidation of the two entities, the MSBA is the only broad-based trade association focused on tracking state and federal legislation and regulation for the money service business industry.

The MSBA welcomes David Landsman Consulting, LLC as an Associate Member. David Landsman has worked for more than forty years in the money services industry and spent the last 14 years as the Executive Director of the NMTA.

David can be reached via email at David@amlservices.us

General Inquiries can be made via email at info@msbassociation.org

Become a member of the MSBA! The MSBA welcomes licensed money transmitters, their agents/authorized delegates, payment card issuers and distributors, payment processors, international remittance companies, bill payment companies, mobile payment application providers, payment aggregators, virtual currency exchanges and administrators, eWallet providers. Learn more about MSBA Membership.

Read about our Board of Directors and review a full list of MSBA members here and catch up on the latest industry news in one of our blog posts.