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Provide a Platform

Giving a voice to the non-bank money services industry.

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Create Collaboration

Bringing together businesses, regulators and others across the US and the globe to promote consistent regulation.

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Educate and Inform

Providing information and tools to stay up-to-date on legislation, regulation and research.

Our Mission


The Money Services Business Association or MSBA is a trade association focused on the non-bank money services industry. The Association was started to establish an industry led organization that supports the non-bank financial services industry and encourages the continued innovation and development in the payments industry while promoting the education and communication with Federal and State Regulators.

The Money Services Business Association or MSBA was launched October, 2015 by leading industry companies to support the non-bank financial services industry, legislation and regulation tracking, increasing awareness and understanding about the beneficial and secure services provided by the industry and to encourage and promote payments innovation.

How We Influence Change

  • Information
  • Communication
  • Education


The MSBA opposes taxing of remittances. Remittances are a critical lifeline for many people around the world providing essential services such as food and shelter. They are the only source of income a family has.

Alberto Laureano, MSBA Chair